While many of us are still chained to our desks or just finally getting home from work, those Destiny players without unyielding corporate overlords have already delved deep into today’s brand new expansion, “House of Wolves.”

Anyone who wants to discover everything in the new Destiny DLC themselves should stop reading here. But if you don’t mind living vicariously through your fellow Guardians before you join the fight yourself, suck on these new discoveries and whet that appetite.

“House of Wolves” is huge, so I hope you’re hungry.

Weapon perks just got crazy

Despite how it sometimes seems, there are a limited number of weapon perks floating around on guns in Destiny. That’s still the case, but “House of Wolves” adds a whole arsenal of new ones that can change the way you play.

The first thing you’ll do when you boot up the game today is head to the new social space in the Reef, and while there you can get a peek at a couple of the things that are possible now. The Vestian Outpost is home to several new vendors, and two of them — Brother Vance and Variks, the Loyal — are currently selling auto rifles with new perks that improve target acquisition (i.e., auto aim) and deal bonus damage to specific enemies (Fallen Shanks, in this case).

And the best part? When you receive a new weapon in the “House of Wolves” expansion, you can take it to the gunsmith and have it “reforged” with a random set of brand new perks.

There’s a whole new weapon type

The first Destiny expansion, “The Dark Below,” introduced plenty of new weapons — but nothing nearly as cool as a whole new weapon type.

Before today, every Guardian’s Destiny arsenal was limited to auto rifles, pulse rifles, scout rifles, and hand cannons for primaries; shotguns, fusion rifles and snipers for secondary; and machine guns and rocket launches for heavy weapons. Every single gun fit into one of the classifications.

But completing the second new story mission in “House of Wolves” rewards you with the brand new “sidearm,” a pistol-type weapon that can take the place of your normal secondary weapon to make you a little more versatile on the battlefield.

New modifiers give Guardians more power

Destiny’s “Nightfall” strike is usually the most challenging activity for players to complete each week, largely because of the modifiers it adds to normal gameplay. Most of these favor your enemies by making them hit extra hard or limiting Guardians’ ammo, but with “House of Wolves,” that’s no longer the case.

This week’s Nightfall mission, a new strike called On the Moon, has a brand new modifier: “Brawler,” which puts the power back in Guardians’ hands. And I mean that literally; it “greatly increases” your melee attack damage, like a reverse version of “Lightswitch,” the bane of most Guardians’ existence whenever it popped up on previous Nightfalls.

Get ready, Punch Bros, because this one is going to be fun.

There’s a new toy in the Reef

Before “House of Wolves,” the Reef felt out-of-place on Destiny’s map. Selecting it showed you a cut scene (un-skippable, of course) that you’d seen ten times already, then sent you back to orbit.

Now the Reef is full of new locations and challenges, including the new social area, the Vestian Outpost. It’s the Awoken’s very own Tower, now open to Guardians for the first time, and just like the Tower, it has a new toy to play with.

You probably won’t have to look around to long to find it, because chances are a group of Guardians is already kicking the large Servitor-like beach ball around. But did you know that you can also flip the lightswitch by the Postmaster on and off? Have fun!

You’ll return to some surprising areas

I don’t want to give away too much of what you’ll be doing in the “House of Wolves” expansion’s bevy of new story missions, but suffice to say that by the end you’ll be surprised which familiar areas the Queen sends you to as you deal with the Fallen traitors.

There’s plenty more to discover in “House of Wolves,” so much so that the last expansion already feels like a rip-off in comparison. The amount of new activities, weapons, armor, perks, and missions available now feels staggering to the point of being overwhelming. But who’s complaining about that?

Now get going, Guardians! What are you waiting for?