It’s been a rough few months for Destiny. After some cool timed events in Halloween’s “Festival of the Lost,” the Sparrow Racing League that let players compete on their floating Star Wars-esque hoverbikes, and couples slaughter for Valentine’s Day, the rest of the year has looked a bit thin.

But we’ve finally got some scant details about the future of Destiny, and yes, there will be some new stuff to do in the next month. Bungie has been planning, but also kind of tight-lipped about, a spring content update. That pile of new junk will hit Destiny in April.

Earlier this week, Bungie released the broad strokes on what to expect this April on its blog. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s on the docket.

There’s: “New PVE Challenges,” meaning aliens to blast and missions to complete; “New and Updated Gear,” so you can probably expect cool old guns and armor from the first year of Destiny being brought up to speed with the Year Two stuff, plus new things to go hunt for; “New Quest featuring the Blighted Chalice Strike,” which should mean quite a bit to do and a new three-person mission to complete with pals or randos; “Increased Max Light and Rewards”—a generalized new goal to reach for players who are trying to reach the top of Destiny’s stats; and “Sandbox and Crucible Updates,” which could be little things of all sorts. The update also says “and more,” so who the hell knows what else might be in store.

That’s all the info Bungie has yet released, although it’s planning to run some streams on its Twitch channel toward the end of March that will give more information. “New Things to Do” gets covered on March 23, “New Things to Earn” is on March 30, and “Sandbox and Crucible Updates” are detailed on April 6. All three streams run at 11 a.m. PDT.

So good news! Only a few weeks for Destiny fans to wait to find out what they’re waiting for in April.