Destiny has a new initiative to encourage you to get pals into the game: a refer-a-friend program full of unique rewards. Like dances.

The new program lets you ping a pal with a link and encourage them to buy their way into Destiny on whichever console you’re currently playing. If they do, you can access a special quest line called “The Tale of Two Guardians” that you play together. Finishing it nabs you a bunch of new exclusive junk, like the ability to high-five one another, a cool new sword, and more.

So if you’re into in-game exclusive stuff and you’ve got a friend who enjoys shooting a variety of aliens—but hasn’t yet done so in Destiny somehow—the game’s new refer-a-friend thing is definitely for you. It’s also a little easier to recommend Destiny to new people now that the expansion, The Taken King, has drastically improved the game’s quality. Just keep in mind that you’ll likely be giving someone the gift of a daily life-sucking gaming addiction just so you can get a new dance for your character.

Check out the full details on the refer-a-friend program here.