Destiny’s raids are supposed to be the toughest, most intense experiences the game offers, requiring teams of six players to take on multi-hour challenges for awesome rewards.

But the cool thing about Destiny is people play it so much and so ravenously that eventually every challenge developer Bungie throws at the community is meticulously dismantled and conquered by top-tier players. And thus, a single person has beaten Oryx, the final boss of Destiny’s latest raid, “King’s Fall,” using skill, ingenuity and oh-so-much patience.

Like all raid battles in Destiny, Oryx is a multi-layered fight that usually requires a number of players working in sync to complete. Everyone has a role to fulfill, and screwing up and being out of position, or failing to kill the right baddies at the right times, can cause the whole team to fail. YouTuber The Great Gatsby, however, figured out how to do it all alone. Or, more accurately as this video’s description explains, The Great Gatsby had a ton of help figuring out all the intricacies of manipulating enemies, executing abilities to their fullest potential, and otherwise utilizing everything Destiny provides players short of cheating to defeat Oryx all alone.

The thing that makes Destiny special, above and beyond the game itself, is the huge and largely supportive community that has cropped up around it. As this video demonstrates, the greatest feats in Destiny are team efforts—even the ones ultimately accomplished alone.