Soon there will be even more incentive to dump hours into Destiny in pursuit of spiffy looking high-level guns.

As developer Bungie detailed yesterday, the big December update coming to Destiny is going to bring some changes, including the addition of lots more new versions of the game’s best gear—its “exotic” weapons and armor. These are the unique guns that are always hard to come by, whether discovered through secret missions or obtained by just playing the same levels and multiplayer matches over and over, hoping they appear at random.

Bungie is adding two brand new exotics to the mix for players to find, to start, and it’s also reviving more old stuff from the first year of the game. Previously, only a few Year One exotic weapons and armors were made as powerful as the stuff introduced with the big Destiny expansion, The Taken King, earlier this fall, so the old stuff has been largely worthless to most players. Bungie says a few of those old favorites are getting pumped up to be useful again, and they’ll also potentially include new improvements that players can unlock by using them during the game.

Along with new guns, though, are coming some more changes to old guns. Bungie is rejiggering how a lot of weapons work, like shotguns and burst-firing pulse rifles, in its continuing quest to make competitive multiplayer as minimally sucky as possible. That means you can expect some guns to be less effective in December, which may rankle the die-hardest of Destiny fans, at least for a bit. On the plus side, guns like auto rifles should be stronger, and the giant pistols known as hand cannons will be more accurate. It’s all detailed on another Bungie blog post.

All in all, it’s a whole lot of tweaks to the still-being-tweaked-endlessly Destiny. Maybe Bungie will finally get all its guns balanced in time for Destiny 2. Probably not, though.