Today, Destiny players finally have their digital hands on the Sleeper Simulant, a gun for which they’ve been searching for the last month. And despite thousands of players working together to solve the Sleeper Simulant’s mysteries, it turns out if they’d all just waited patiently, the giant puzzle would have revealed itself. It actually wound up being pretty damn anticlimactic.

So the Sleeper Simulant is a spiffy gun that’s supposed to send beams ripping through aliens, with those lasers then bouncing around the room like a deadly laser light show at your local planetarium. Based on videos coming out today, it’s a melter:

Via Reddit

Players have known about the gun since before the release of Destiny’s big expansion, The Taken King, but they didn’t know how to get it.

A huge swathe of the Destiny community took to Reddit in an attempt to work out the mystery of the Sleeper Simulant, poring over everything from Destiny Facebook posts and tweets, to preview articles and in-game story materials. As other secrets were revealed in the game, they spent hours replaying specific missions in hopes of finding and unlocking secret doors or catching extra clues.

Then, suddenly, a new mission popped up this week. The mission itself featured a big fight with a ton of tough enemies, then a boss battle, and then a series of puzzles and additional challenges. It seemed like the quest for the Sleeper Simulant had finally taken a huge, involved turn. And then today rolled around, and every player who had completed yesterday’s tasks was given one more mission: a harder version of one they’ve already played plenty of times before.

Turned out, there was no mystery of the Sleeper Simulant. The puzzle was solved by waiting for Destiny’s developers to flip a switch and turn these missions on. As far as secrets are concerned, this one seems to have been much ado about nothing. In a big way, it’s a major disappointment, especially since so many people invested so much time trying to solve a huge puzzle that, uh, actually didn’t exist.

Well, except for one other thing, that is: The description on the Sleeper Simulant has an interesting addition. It reads, “IKELOS: Status = complete.” That refers to one of the things players did to earn the Sleeper Simulant. Below that it says, “MIDNIGHT EXIGENT: Status = still in progress.” And what is “Midnight Exigent?”

Back to Reddit, everyone—the game is afoot! (Disclaimer: Please note that this, too, is probably nothing.)