I love it when I’m on a business trip and I have free time to explore a new city, but I also don’t love being alone in a new city, because I’m a very needy and dependent person. Usually I’ll take to Facebook and ask my network of randos, “Hey, do I know anyone in Denver?” More often than not, it turns out I don’t know anyone in Denver, so then I’m left to my own devices in Denver.

What I’m saying is I could really use a friend in Denver, or any place I happen to be visiting where there isn’t a friendly face. So I’m pretty into this new app from Detour called “Detour Everywhere,” which lets you explore every crevice of a city while being guided in your earholes by a famous local.

If you’re in New York, for example, strap on your headphones and documentarian Ken Burns will walk you through his Brooklyn neighborhood—probably while regaling you with tangential tales of 19th century baseball, or whatever—and chef Marcus Samuelsson will tell you about all the hot places to eat in Harlem.

It would be cool if chef Marcus Samuelsson was actually there to be your dinner companion, but that dude is super busy these days. He’ll probably be filming a couple episodes of Chopped while you’re eating alone.

Other cities on Detour Everywhere include San Francisco, Portland, Austin, London, Paris, Marrakech and more. The app and the first 10 minutes of any audio tour are free, but full tours can be yours for $5 a pop. And they say you can’t buy friends.