gives you our favorite new 2013 Sports & Luxury Car Models straight from the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.2013 New BMW 3 Series

Courtesy of BMW.

Six Generations of the BMW 3 Series

**2013 BMW M Sport 335i (F30)**Bimmer enthusiasts rejoiced this week in Detroit as BMW revealed that its M F30 sports package was heading to the States after being unveiled in Europe. Joining the ranks of the new 3 series, this breath of fast air will definitely contribute to the growing fan base this sports car has in North America. Among competitors of the same size, the line boasts a fair amount of unique customization which definitely adds to its appeal as a fast ride that can *also *be one-of-a-kind. (Courtesy, NAIAS) **The Playboy Stats:** ENGINE: TwinPower Turbo DOHC I-6 24V HORSES: 300hp @ 5, 800 rpm TANK: 15.8 gallons CONSUMPTION: 23/26 mpg (manual/automatic) PROJECTED RANGE: 355 miles RAD FEATURE: Traffic Sign Recognition Technology PRICE: TBA AVAILABLE: Production starts July 2012 MORE INFO: 2013 Bentley Continental GT V8

Courtesy of NAIAS

If Detroit’s goal was to show us that hybrids focusing upon energy efficiency and green emissions were the only way of the future; then Bentley’s goal was to show us that you could still make a traditional gas-combustion vehicle while still being eco-friendly. The 2013 Continental GT V8 is’s choice for a luxury coupe that fits your style.

Whether it’s driving to the chalet in an abominable snowstorm, or arriving at a red carpet premiere, the Continental is equipped with a permanent all-wheel-drive system that gets you to your destination. Boasting a fuel efficient twin-turbo V8 that delivers a top speed of 188 mph, this GT is capable of reaching 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds. In addition to this, the Continental has the ability to shut down half of its cylinders, effectively turning into a V4 when power isn’t essential. This is beyond any doubt the chariot you want to be driving.

The Playboy Stats:ENGINE: 4.0-Liter V8 twin-turbo (prior generation’s 631hp W-12 remains an option)HORSES: 500 hp @ 6000 rpmTANK: 24 gallonsCONSUMPTION:18 mpg (combined city/hwy)PROJECTED RANGE: 530 milesRAD FEATURE:Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus interiorPRICE: TBAAVAILABLE: Fall 2012

While the price hasn’t been disclosed yet, we imagine you’re going to be paying for luxury in this case. To get an idea of it on the road, check out this gem of a video:

2013 Mercedes-Benz New SL

Courtesy of Daimler

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL captures the essence of one of the most iconic car lines in the world. Being launched in two models: the SL 350 (306 hp) and the SL 500 (435 hp); these versatile sports-luxuries contain either a 3.5 (V6) or 4.6 (V8) eco-friendly, BlueDIRECT engine that has the capability to start/stop while the vehicle is at a standstill to save fuel. The cars are super light (hence the name SL), being 140 kg lighter than their predecessor. With a myriad of tech features, the *SL *keeps you covered with a foot motion sensor trunk opener; under car sensors that keep you within your traffic lane, and a windshield system entitled, “Magic Vision Control” that keeps your vision free of distraction.

The Playboy Stats:

ENGINE: 3.5-Liter V6/4.6-Liter V8 (both BlueDIRECT)HORSES: 306 hp (350 variant)/435 hp (500 variant)CONSUMPTION: 34.6 mpgRAD FEATURE:Vario-Roof: Transforms to Either a Coupe or RoadsterPRICE:Starts at approximately $118, 400AVAILABLE: Orders opened December 15

Like most of these luxury cars we’re still waiting for a price, but for now check out this amazing mini-movie MB has cooked up: