PC shooter Devil Daggers has only one Achievement: survive the game for 500 seconds.

And as of right now, precisely one person has earned that achievement: YouTuber DraQu, who posted the video above and became the first person to survive Devil Daggers for that long on the entire planet.

Quickly, some background: Devil Daggers is a super-hard arcade shooter where your only goal is to stay alive. Available on the PC game platform known as Steam, Devil Daggers keeps throwing hordes of satanic minions at you over and over until it becomes a swarming mess of horrors. The developers recognize how tough it is, so the only unlockable achievement in the game is to keep alive for 500 seconds, or roughly eight and a half minutes.

DraQu might not be the only person on the top of the Devil Daggers heap for long, but as for right now, nobody else has accomplished this particular feat. And if the video above is any indication, it’s a ridiculous honor that’s well-earned.

Via Kotaku.