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We Now Have Proof That Devin Brugman Has the Hottest Bikini Bod in the World

If you don’t know who Devin Brugman is yet, then you need to re-evaluate every detail about your pathetic life because you are gravely missing out. I’ve been a fan of this bikini-flaunting beauty for years now. For those who aren’t familiar, Devin is the co-creator of A Bikini A Day, which is probably one of the most important Instagram accounts for you to be following if you aren’t already.

Her and her best friend Tash Oakley have been doing their thing for quite some time, that’s why it’s so nice to them finally getting some mainstream success. Tash was recently featured on the cover of Australia’s Women’s Health, and now it’s Devin’s turn to make some headlines. She recently did a sexy photo shoot with photographer Isabella Lombardini for Galore. The spread comes coupled with a full interview, where Devin talks about setting trends rather than following them. She also proves that she isn’t just build for wearing bikinis (which she happens to be the best in the world at), but she can model in pretty much anything.

Take a look at some of these pics from Galore and get ready to start seeing a lot more of Devin Brugman. Dare I say (without sounding creepy)… I’m proud of her?

@galore 💋 Click the link in my bio for more.

A photo posted by Devin Brugman (@devinbrugman) on

💋 @galore 💋

A photo posted by Devin Brugman (@devinbrugman) on

@Galore exclusive 💋Click the link in bio to see my full style profile & more Galore exclusive images. X

A photo posted by Devin Brugman (@devinbrugman) on

Devin Brugman Galore 1


Devin Brugman Galore 2


Devin Brugman Galore 3


Devin Brugman Galore 4


You can see the rest over at Galore.

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