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Exit Clear

Kate Upton Turned Down a Marriage Proposal, Men Everywhere Rejoice

Hooray! Everyone, rejoice! Kate Upton is still theoretically an un-married woman for another day! According to rumors, the busty blonde model turned down boyfriend Justin Verlander’s marriage proposal, making her still available!!

What does this mean for us? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Apparently Justin and Kate are still an item, the 23-year-old just wasn’t ready to commit to marriage just yet, which is totally understandable. The 32-year-old baseball star was smart in trying to lock this one up as quickly as possible. I mean, do you blame him? It’s Kate Friggin’ Upton, you take every opportunity that you can to secure yourself with the Holy Grail of babes.

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Keep in mind that this story comes from an un-named tabloid source, so who knows exactly how valid it is. Still, any excuse to look at more pictures of Kate Upton is a good excuse.

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Ready for some fun in the sun! ☀️🐚

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