Listen, everybody farts. Sometimes you just can’t control it. We’ve all been in a classroom where you just can’t hold it and so you try to slip it out but you’re not as skilled as you originally thought and you end up blasting one in front of all your classmates. Right? We’ve all been there, right? And so you try to move your desk so that it makes noise and maybe will blur out the noise of your toot… right? We all know this, right?

Well, it happens to everyone. Even if you’re a world-famous, award-winning, super stunning beautiful blonde like Taylor Swift. Listen carefully to her interview following the VMAs and you be the judge on if she passed gas or not.

That wasn’t a joke. That wasn’t somebody making a fart noise to make fun of Taylor Swift. That was real audio from the actual show. I’m no scientist, but I know a fart when I hear one. That was a flat-out fart, I tell ya!

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