A web developer for the New York Times discovered a summary of the Die Hard franchise buried in the code of Jeb Bush’s campaign website.

Jeremy Bowers, the developer behind the find, claims he stumbled upon the code completely by chance.

“I check the source a lot,” Bowers said on Twitter. “Library had a funny name. Lots of odd text. Set off my spidey sense.”

After the summary was discovered, it was quickly removed by the campaign. Bowers believes the synopsis may have been a joke inserted by a bored coder, or perhaps a placeholder that was left behind by accident.

“I think it was probably the equivalent of Lorem Ipsum,” Bower tweeted. “Test text accidentally made public. Was off the site in an hour.”

While that’s the most logical explanation, I think it may actually be a sly reference about the Bush family. Much like the Die Hard franchise, the third Bush presidency would probably be a lot better than the second, but still not on par with the first installment.

(H/T: Gawker)

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