Difficult People is here, and it looks so good. The first full trailer for Hulu’s new series follows the exploits of two comedians belittling people while the world at large belittles them.

Created by Julie Klausner and executive produced by Amy Poehler, Difficult People showcases the very wonderful talents of its two leads. Featuring Klausner, creator and host of the podcast How Was Your Week?“, and Billy Eichner, who you know from his somehow-more-abrasive character Craig on Parks and Recreation, the two comedians essentially play wildly exaggerated versions of themselves, two comedians in their 30s, actually named Julie and Billy, trying to make it.

One moment, they’re burning everyone on the streets of New York, and the next, Billy’s getting fired and Martin Short’s poetically knocking Julie down some pegs. Short’s not the only guest star, given that Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers, Amy Sedaris, and Debbie Harry pop up.

The series, which Kalusner describes as “Curb Your Enthusiasm if the two leads had never created Seinfeld, premieres on Wednesday, August 5.