All the speculation is over. Director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat), by his own admission, is most definitely rebooting Ivan Reitman’s supernatural comic classic Ghostbusters with an all-female cast.

The internet responded with a flood of suggestions about which actresses Feig might or should seek to fill the four slots immortalized by Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson. Given Feig’s success with Melissa McCarthy on The Heat and her proven status as a box-office draw, McCarthy seems a shoe-in for a major role in the film.

Feig has indicated that his Ghostbusters will be a hard reboot, so we won’t be seeing a rehash of the plot from the original. That said, we can probably expect a firehouse, some sort of station wagon-hearse-like vehicle, and four team members. Hollywood loves its types, so if McCarthy clicks into either the well-meaning fuck up slot (Ackroyd’s Ray Stantz) or Bill Murray’s wisecracking leader position that leaves three more to satisfy.

Given the prototype’s one-two punch of Murray and Ackroyd, it’s probable that Feig will shore up the cast with at least one more heavy-hitter. Sandra Bullock co-starred with McCarthy in The Heat, but I don’t see her revisiting this type of material so soon after the success of the more serious Gravity. Feig is currently making another film with Reese Witherspoon. He’d be a fool not to ask her, but, again, that seems like a long shot.

I imagine anyone from the cast of Bridesmaids is open to Feig. Kristen Wiig might work well as an awkward Egon Spengler-like character. Maya Rudolph is hilarious – and appropriate if the character breakdown includes “a black ‘Buster.” (Hey, again, this is Hollywood.) Ellie Kemper, Kali Hawk, and Rebel Wilson would all be great if Feig decides to cast young. My money’s on Rose Byrne for an Egon or even a Ray; her earnestness makes her a spectacularly funny straight man… um, woman.

Feig was an executive producer on The Office and the creator of Freaks and Geeks, so the list of quality actresses with whom he already has working relationships goes on and on: Linda Cardellini, Busy Philipps, Mindy Kaling, Jenna Fischer – any of whom would probably kill to wield a portable particle accelerator.

(via Deadline)