After decades of hiding our affection for cannabis, it is finally, gradually becoming less taboo. But just because a lot of us (nearly 55 million) routinely benefit from its healing properties and feel-good powers doesn’t mean we have to flaunt our love to everyone we come in contact with. We can partake without oozing the stereotypical stoner’s characteristics, with our style and grace fully intact–and without the risk of getting an unsolicited lecture from a naysayer. How, you ask? We lay out the products we know will disguise the look and potent aroma of the herb.



Anyone who has rolled a joint or blunt knows that it’s hard to avoid making a mess, or to find a good looking storage facility that keeps tools intact. The Kavatza pouch is made for us to create that perfect joint no matter the circumstance, even if our lap is the flattest surface we can find. One snap unfurls the high-quality leather–meant to keep your stash moist–with designated spaces for our lighter, medication and papers, as well as a curved wooden plank to roll on.



No matter how much you love cannabis, few love the stench a smoke break leaves lingering. We’ve found a solution that has way more science behind it than any air freshener. Whether you’re spending the night in a hotel or at a boring dinner party, Green Tech Environmental’s plug-in purifier will work to make that stale smell undetectable. The petite contraption looks complex, but it’s actually easy to use–with one knob that powers up or down based on the odor’s potency. Beyond being great for cannabis, this investment can also reduce mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens.



Many indulgers prefer bongs because the percolation process filters out harmful substances evident when smoking a joint or blunt. A bong session will also undoubtedly include fewer painful coughing fits since the shaft cools the smoke before it ever hits our lips. Nevertheless, many tend to avoid bongs after they graduate from college since they’re usually pretty hideous. When we think of bongs, we sadly imagine an obnoxiously hued, translucent instrument emblazoned with block lettering. Cue Summerland Ceramic Stonerware, where artful sculpture and playful design meet for paraphernalia that we’d actually be proud to showcase on a mantle. We will also never have to battle murky resin stains again thanks to the products’ high quality ceramic content. Oh, and if someone insists on remaining loyal to the classic pipe, Summerland has minimal designs like the apple featured above.



An even healthier option than a bong is the vaporizer. There are tons of new vaporizers popping up every day, so it can get pretty overwhelming to pick which one to invest in. Dosist is arguably the most tasteful member of the crowded niche market–about the size of tobacco cigarette, and stark white with a logo as minimal as a skincare brand. If someone is unfamiliar with dosist, they’d probably have a hard time guessing its purpose. Each pen comes in two precise doses (50 or 200) with four mood variations–bliss, sleep, calm, and relief–for each consumer’s needs. The best part is once we use the pen’s allotted doses (marked by a flashing light and vibration), we simply toss the device out we’re never left with an evergrowing collection of paraphernalia.



The most discreet item on the list has to be Manna Molecular’s cannabis-infused patch. We could actually board a plane while medicating. MIT and Genzyme pharmaceutical scientists found a way to extract the chemical compounds secreted by flowers (aka cannabinoids) and print them on each latex and allergen free patch. The dose, engineered especially for an individual’s needs, is strategically delivered over a 12-hour timespan.