Alien: Covenant, Sir Ridley Scott’s latest installment in the franchise that made him a legend, is creeping ever closer to its release. So, we’re getting closer and closer looks at the film and its attempts to out-Alien Alien.

The latest example is the clip above, starring Carmen Ejogo as an unfortunate Covenant crew member trapped in a room where a monster is about to be born. Remember Alien’s most famous scene, when a baby Xenomorph burst from John Hurt’s chest? Well, Covenant wants to one-up that, so this time the monster’s coming out of … well, let’s just say get ready to spend the next hour constantly checking to see if your spine is still in place. Ouch.

It’s hard to tell from this clip if Covenant’s reliance on more intense horror will make it a worthy installment in the series. You can’t beat the original. It’s just not possible. Scott can take advantage of advances in gore tech to make us all deeply uncomfortable, though. From that standpoint, it looks like he’s throwing everything he’s got at us.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters May 19.

Watch the clip below.