Forget the Marvel Cinematic Universe; it turns out that another Disney studio is even more interconnected, and in ways you wouldn’t even have suspected. Welcome to the evermore eerie world of Pixar.

A video released on Disney’s official Toy Story Facebook page shows that, however many Easter eggs connecting movies like Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. fans might have found for themselves, there are far, far more that had gone undiscovered. For example: Merida’s family from Brave show up in the world of Cars, while that franchise’s Lightning McQueen turns up as a toy in the Toy Story series… while, of course, toys from Toy Story appear all over the studio’s output, including in one brief scene from 2009’s Up.

It’s a mind-bending journey, and enough to make you suspect that, even if no one at Pixar has another original thought ever again, there’s more than enough material left to keep the studio afloat for years to come.

Of course, what the video really means is that any viewings of future Pixar releases are going to her marked by the need to find as many Easter eggs and references as humanly possible on first sitting. Story? Who needs a story when Buzz Lightyear might appear in a background shot somewhere?