The question of whether or not DJ Khaled has any actual musical talent is one that has baffled critics, historians and anthropologists since the dawn of civilization. Yelling your name over a sick beat that someone else produced doesn’t quite qualify. Or does it? Questions abound.

It doesn’t really matter. DJ Khaled’s outsize persona is enough to convince the world’s top hitmakers to lend him their skills and, more importantly, their time. Case-in-point: The scorching new video for his song “Wild Thoughts” featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller.

The Miami mogul didn’t just get Rihanna to lend her vocals to the sultry track, which makes better use of Santana’s “Maria Maria” riff than the original. He got Riri to fly out to his hometown to shoot what might go down as the hottest video of the decade.

The Little Haiti-set clip finds Rihanna decked out in floral leggings and a head scarf, dancing through the neon-lit streets and singing about how we all want to see her “naked, naked, naked.” We choose not to disagree.

If you needed proof that summer has officially arrived, look no further than the video below.