A real-life Nightmare Before Christmas was unleashed upon unsuspecting radio-listeners in Austria when a DJ barricaded himself in his station’s studio and played Wham!’s Last Christmas 24 times in a row. That’s nearly two hours of this:

Joe Kohlhofer began his reign of Yuletide terror at 8:00 am local time after blocking the studio’s door with a chair. Despite desperate calls from listeners begging him to end the unwanted marathon, Kohlhofer refused to relent. According to Austrian media and the Independent, Kohlhofer only agreed to stop playing the song when his own 4-year-old daughter called in and said she didn’t like it.

While this has all the hallmarks of a publicity stunt, Austria’s Antennae Carinthia station claims Kohlhofer was not authorized to play the song on loop and could face “consequences.” However, if Kohlhofer’s stunt, which took place earlier this month, was unplanned, someone will have to explain why the entire incident was captured and edited into a two-minute YouTube video:

That said, even if the stunt was planned, that doesn’t make listening to two-hours worth of Wham!’s Last Christmas any easier.

(Source: The Independent)