By now you’ve probably heard the some crazy fan theories about what’s really happening in some of our favorite films, like the belief that Cameron is imagining Ferris a la Fight Club, or that there was no ‘Keyser Soze’ after all, but the AV Club has done us a great service in collecting these 13 crazy fan theories about Back to the Future to celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary.

They range from outright insane to surprisingly grim, the darkest of which is the “Marty Martyr” theory, which posits that Doc had to kill future Marty to avoid a paradox.

The Marty Martyr theory, which touches on the more sinister side of things, implies that in the alternate 1985 of the original film, Doc actually is sending the original Marty to his death via the DeLorean—to avoid a paradox having “Marty A” and “Marty B” ever crossing paths—rather than creating an endless loop.

There’s also a belief that the entire series is just a loose metaphor for human reproduction with the Flux Capacitor acting as a uterus, which seems almost possible because that’s exactly what it’s shaped like; and hey, you can’t talk about insane theories without bringing the 9/11 truthers into the mix, so here’s a video attempting to connect the original trilogy with one of our nation’s greatest tragedies because jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.

Some folks are also fairly certain that Doc Brown is another reincarnation of Doctor Who, which might actually make a lot of sense. The article us up now over at the AV Club, so be sure to check it out before obsessively pouring over the film frame-by-frame for clues.

Via The AV Club.