MarketWatch takes a look at facts that might appear startling to anyone not working at Apple: the market’s appetite for Apple Watches has significantly declined.

How much has the thirst for a mini-iPhone on your wrist diminished? Maybe as much as 90%.



As iPhone consumers start to realize that maybe an Apple Watch isn’t a crucial component of the Apple family yet, and others in the tech sector shelving them entirely, it’s hard to feign surprise that most of the units that are still selling are the cheapest models, the $350 “Sport” editions.

The data comes from Slice Intelligence, a real-time report of tech sector data. Though some still believe that Apple’s persisting integration of the Watch will cause it to dominate the wearable tech sector, Slice’s methodology seems to prove otherwise, and they are quick to point out that despite Apple’s slump, FitBit sales are climbing.

Apple Insider is still reading these figures as a positive indication that Apple is dominating the burgeoning smart-watch sector, it’s probably still too soon to tie a toe-tag to Apple’s initial effort.

Just be glad the Apple Watch didn’t end up looking like this:

Via MarketWatch and Slice.

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