Man’s best friend once again earned his title with the work of a service dog named Figo. CNN reports that while crossing the street with his blind owner on their routine morning walk in Brewster N.Y., Figo noticed an oncoming mini-school bus and immediately leapt to position himself between it and his owner, Audrey Stone.

Stone suffered multiple injuries, among them a broken rib and elbow, but Brewster Emergency Care services claim that the injured Figo still attempted to stay near to his owner despite his own injuries.

Stone is grateful to her service dog. “I thank him, I thank God that I have him, and that he survived, too, and I love him,” she said.

For now, each victim is recovering at their own species’ respective hospitals, but locals are trying to establish a video chat between them while they heal.

“I want to get home to my dog,” Stone said.

Good boy, Figo!