Growing up, I put Domino’s Pizza in the same category as Pizza Hut. To me, both were cardboard crust installations of couch-stuffing cheese and, sure, I’d eat it if there was no other pizza option at another kid’s birthday party. But then, a few years ago, Domino’s infamously changed its entire recipe, which surprised the hell out of me. And then the company started coming out with pizza tech nobody asked for, saw coming, or could even remotely deny being awesome as hell. Well, now they’re at it again—with a robot.

Meet DRU, short for “Domino’s Robotic Unit.” It’s the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle. Blowing your mind from Australia, the 3-foot-tall bot can make its way to a hungry person’s doorstep at 12 mph, delivering hot pizza and cold soda.

Designed by Marathon Targets, DRUs in the Domino’s fleet have been completing orders since earlier this month, killing it in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. If you’re wondering how serious this tech is, Marathon was also the firm that delivered the world’s first autonomous robotic targets to the Australian Defense Force, so…maybe say only nice things around DRU. Hell, maybe tip the little guy because who knows what that “or else” scenario looks like?