Why has this taken so long? We, as a nation of dreamers, should have been eating piping-hot pizza in our homes, without ever leaving our homes, for years. Now, thanks to the future-seers at Domino’s who clearly believe in a better tomorrow there’s finally a pizza delivery car with an oven in it.

Scope out The DXP (Delivery Expert), which will enhance our experience as a pizza-devouring people. The DXP is focused entirely on getting hot pizza to good citizens (so much so that the only seat in there is for the driver).

This isn’t some gimmicky headline-grabber either. Domino’s is serious. Their higher-ups want to build 100 DXPs for 25 U.S cities—Boston, Dallas, New Orleans, San Diego, Seattle, and the like—in the next 90 days.

It’s a smart move, along the lines of when they overhauled their pizza recipe. For one, it’s mobile advertising (and does grab headlines, since competitors may/should follow). Secondly, drivers can deliver more pizzas per round, given that time won’t be as harsh a mistress now, and there’s more space without those other seats.

The most impressive thing about this new pizzambobile might actually be that each DXP comes with an On-Star navigation system, so goodbye to the days of a dude named Gunner showing late, reeking of smoke and telling you it’s hard to read street signs in your neighborhood.

[H/T Foodbeast]