Domino’s is starting up a remarkably cheesy avenue for their company relevance. They recently debuted a pizza wedding registry that allows new couples to sign up and receive pizza based gifts from their friends. In a statement, Domino’s company spokeswoman Jenny Fouracre said, ‘We hear often from customers that Domino’s was a part of their big day, from proposals to after-hours meals at their wedding.’

So if you want your aunt Cassie to purchase $60 worth of cheesy bread through marital-guilt, this is your chance.

Ultimately Domino’s is looking to take the stress out of wedding gifts, by providing a service that deals in the universally pleasing gift of comforting pizza.

'Choosing wedding gifts can be a daunting process, especially if couples can’t agree on what to register for. Our registry aims to bring couples together over their shared love of pizza,’ Fouracre said.

Domino’s is doing the registry as part of a promotion of its digital platforms. In 2015, 50 percent of its sales took place on digital platforms. It isn’t a joke though, as an article in the Detroit Free Press states that a couple has already signed up.

So if you want to get a pizza themed nuptial gift, look no further than the pizza registry.