Another week, another round of trailers. Unfortunately, this week we’re staring down the barrel of Super Bowl 50, which means most of the biggest spots will drop during the big game. That doesn’t mean we don’t have some interesting things at work here, though. Among the offerings: Don Cheadle as Miles Davis, a new Anna Kendrick comedy, Patrick Stewart as a skinhead badass, and more.

Check out the week in trailers below.

The frequently underrated Don Cheadle stars in and directs this drama about the latter days of the legendary Miles Davis and his quest to own his music, despite the legal entanglements of record labels, with the help of a Rolling Stone journalist (Ewan McGregor). The cast alone would be enough to make me show up, but Cheadle just seems to own this movie, and I love it when he does that.

A punk band finds themselves in hot water after discovering a body in what is essentially their dressing room. Eager to escape whatever drama awaits them, they’re suddenly surrounded by a group of Skinheads led by Patrick Stewart, in what might be his most unlikely role. Now, they have to fight their way out. The plot sounds fascinating, but if you show me Patrick Stewart in a role this unlikely, I’m there no matter what the story is.
Yeah, we’ve covered this one before, probably more than once, but it continues to fascinate me because I love just how far these guys are willing to go this time. Zoolander was already a weird movie, but its sequel could take that into the territory of absolute lunacy.
Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller play a couple of Millennials who just can’t seem to find their place in the job market. The cast alone would be enough to get me interested, but this trailer looks positively charming.
Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a man who loses his wife and essentially has to rebuild his existence. That’s a simple premise, but given the manic, haunting performance Gyllenhaal gave in Nightcrawler, it would be wrong to underestimate this flick.