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Exit Clear

Donald Trump Filmed a Campaign Video in Front of a Playboy Magazine

Donald Trump announced his decision to run for the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential election, which was pretty much a secret to no one. Trump made a Periscope video (an app that allows users to stream video online) yesterday hinting at the big announcement.

The video was brief, lasting less than a minute, but there was one very noteworthy aspect to it: Trump did the whole thing while standing in front of a Playboy magazine.



There aren’t many other magazines that end in “YBOY,” so it’s pretty obvious it’s Playboy. Of course, it’s not just any issue of Playboy. It’s the March 1990 issue that featured…Donald Trump. Obviously. We doubt Trump puts anything in a frame around his home or office that doesn’t contain his face. Here’s the full cover of the issue:

1990 03 Cover

Trump is one of only 10 men to ever appear on the cover of the magazine. You can click this link to see the rest. Only one of them has ever run for president, and while we wish The Donald the best, we would certainly enjoy living in President Burt Reynolds’ America, too.

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