First Playboy, then the world—or at least basic cable television.

Comedy Central has signed comedian and Donald Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik to host The President Show, a new weekly late-night talk show set in a fictional Oval Office. The show will function like a regular late-night talk show, with guest interviews, jokes-to-camera from the desk and even a comedy sidekick, who just so happens to be Vice President Mike Pence. (In reality, it’s Peter Grosz.)

If Atamanuik seems familiar, it’s because you might have seen him here first: Last year, at the height of election primary season, Playboy pitched Atamaniuk against a Bernie Sanders-a-like to debate the big issues of the day. It’s a video that seems maybe a little less funny today considering everything that’s happened since, but it’s worth a revisit if only to see what to expect from the new Comedy Central show.

The President Show launches April 27 and will air every Thursday at 11:30pm until everyone involved has been personally shut down by the real Donald J. Trump. Until then, just imagine the tweets over the next few weeks!