As the slow cultural slide into an Idiocracy universe continues, the U.S. president’s son has praised a noted alt-right blogger who regularly deals in conspiracy theories. Specifically, Donald Trump Jr. believes Mike Cernovich, who helped bolster the Pizzagate conspiracy theory about a fake a child-sex ring operated by Democrats, should receive the Pulitzer Prize for breaking the story that President Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice had “unmasked” names on Trump’s transition team who were in talks with foreigners under U.S. surveillance.

Cernovich, and likely Trump himself, would contend that Rice’s request falls under the umbrella of Trumponian “wiretapping,” or spying. As we all know, Trump’s loosey-goosey use of quotation marks and vocabularly often turns otherwise specific accusations into all-encompassing metaphors, allowing a story enough wiggle room to evolve into whatever claim has the best chance of sticking.

Here’s some more information about the man Don Jr. believes should be honored with the same prize (albeit not in the same category) as Toni Morrison, Arthur Miller, Neil Simon, Carl Sagan and Alex Haley. A men’s right activist, Cernovich regularly posts misogynistic material and seems to be a member of Reddit’s r/redpill community, which believes women have it better than men. In 2012, he tweeted that “date rape does not exist.” Vic Berger, a video editor at often parodies the alt-right and conservatives and produced some choice evidence to show that Cernovich is no contender for a major American honor. Instead, Cernovich’s comments are those of a “sad!” human being who should win the “sexist-manchild” prize.

Whatever truth the accusations against Susan Rice hold—and many agree there’s next to no evidence of definitive spying—Cernovich is not to be trusted. He regularly spouts hateful and bigoted material, baits the social-justice community into monetized outrage and takes nootropic drugs to induce a “gorilla mind.” As he’s fast on his way to becoming a dumb ape, at least the nootropics seem to be working.