Via Flickr user [Gage Skidmore](

Via Flickr user Gage Skidmore.

An anti-Trump YouTube video created by a group of Baltimore teens recently made the rounds, racking up nearly 200,000 views and garnering media attention, both positive and negative. Although the song is officially titled CIT4DT (“Choppa In The Trunk For Donald Trump”), it’s more commonly referred to as the “Fuck Donald Trump” song, which isn’t exactly the most thought-provoking title, but it gets the job done.

Turns out there are no shortage of musicians trying to lyrically “Fuck Donald Trump” on YouTube. And because I’m a glutton for punishment, I watched them all. Some are catchy. And some will make you want to vote for Trump out of spite.

Dooley x Tlow x Lor Roger - CIT4DT (Choppa In The Trunk For Donald Trump)

Some right-wing outlets criticized Baltimore rappers Tlow, Lor Roger, and Dooley for their song about having a “choppa” (AK-47) waiting for Donald Trump. And to be fair, if some aspiring country singer put out a video talking about an AR-15 he had waiting for Hillary Clinton, I doubt the Baltimore Sun would give it such a nice little write-up. But as a YouTube commenter pointed out (wait, stay with us), these guys can’t even get their hands on a decent shovel, so let’s assume all the “choppa” talk was figurative and not get the Secret Service involved.

YG & Nipsey Hussle - FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)

Another “Fuck Trump” rap to recently get some attention came from YG and Nipsey Hussle, established California hip-hop artists who aren’t too fond of The Donald. With its catchy beat and clever lyrics (Hey, I’m a sucker for “El Chapo” references) it’s easily the best song of the bunch.

Mr. Criminal - Fuck Donald Trump

The next entry comes from Mr. Criminal, a popular Latino rapper from California. Like most of Trump’s detractors, he takes issue with the candidate’s comments about Mexico sending its “criminals” to the U.S. That’s a fine point to make, but it sounds a little weird coming from a guy who calls himself “Mr. Criminal.” With albums like Premeditated Homicide, Criminal Mentality, and Sounds of Crime, Trump probably plays Mr. Criminal’s music at his rallies to whip up xenophobia. That said, this song itself is better than most on this list.

siKC One The Great - Fuck Donald Trump 2016 Fdt

Fuck Donald Trump 2016 Fdt from siKC One The Great sounds surprisingly good, considering the artist behind it only has about 3,500 YouTube subscribers, and the song itself only has about 5,000 views. Of course, it’s not as surprising as the fact that it’s 2016 and I’m listening to a song about David Duke and Donald Trump that’s relevant to a presidential election. What the hell happened?

Lucky Luciano & Chingo Bling - Feria Aint A Thang (Fuck Donald Trump) 2016

If you like Jay-Z’s Money Ain’t a Thang, and you hate Doanld Trump, you might like this. But for my money, this Chingo Bling video featuring weed, little people, attractive women and telenovela spoofs is far superior.

Freddy 760 - Wanna be a Baller Fuck Donald Trump

Freddy 760’s anti-Trump rap is pretty much just him talking over Lil’ Troy’s Wanna Be A Baller. And it’s not the best rap you’ll hear on this, or any list. But you don’t see many artists rapping about their landscaping job or crying themselves to sleep at night because they feel like a loser, so you have to (non-sarcastically) give this guy some points for honesty.

Joker Melendez - Fuck Donald trump

I don’t speak Spanish, so I don’t have much to add about this “Fuck Donald Trump” rap from Joker Melendez. But at this point, making fun of Trump’s hair is sort of a universal language.

Billy Dha Kidd - Fuck Donald Trump (New 2015)

If you enjoy hearing the words “Fuck Donald Trump” over and over again, you, my friend, are in for a treat.

el ingeniero - El ingeniero 503 …..“Fuck donald trump”

This anti-Trump rap from el ingeniero certainly doesn’t knock it out of the park with production values. But what it lacks in professionalism it more than makes up for with… well… nothing, really. But least el ingeniero put his face out there instead of another shitty photo montage of silly Trump faces.

Tres Mexicanos (Fuck Donald Trump) Produced by Menace O.n.e Baby

Tres Mexicanos’ entry into the “Fuck Donald Trump” game is light years ahead of the previous entry, yet it has less than 500 views. If you’re putting out a song with actual production values, and you’re getting fewer views than some guy who is dicking around with an iPhone in his apartment, it’s time to get yourself a social media guy.

J.A. - Fuck Trump Rap

“I’d rather have Hillary running the house/You pick up your little blouse when you see a mouse.”

Some of these lyrics need to be deported.

Empire Stories - FUCK DONALD TRUMP Rap

Honestly, the lyrics aren’t that bad. But Empire Stories might want to stick to writing or, anything else, really.