It’s not news that celebrities have lists of strange demands. For instance, Mariah Carey only likes to be photographed from her right side (in addition to like, a thousand other things). Since our president was a celebrity before citizens deemed him fit to run an entire country, it would make sense that Trump himself would have a more eccentric side to him as well.

Thanks to Page Six, we know that Trump demands that White House chief photographer, Shealah Craighead carry a stool with her wherever she goes. When she spots a good photo opportunity, she can always shoot Trump from a higher angle that makes him appear both taller and more slim.

If this plot sounds familiar, it’s because Veep did it. In season three, presidential hopeful Selena Myers’ team purchased a $12,000 wooden crate reinforced with titanium in an effort to better connect with voters. Veep is fiction. This isn’t.

Trump got the idea from Laura Bush, who asked that she be shot from above as well. Craighead was George W. Bush’s photographer, so perhaps she was the one to suggest it.

Page Six adds that Trump must first approve each photo that’s posted of him online. Which is understandable and probably why there are only 50 official Trump photos on Facebook so far. Ex-White House photographer Pete Souza posted hundreds shots of President Obama in that same timeframe.