Anyone who dons Baywatch’s iconic bright red bathing suit knows this garment is nearly synonymous with being the center of attention (it is a lifeguard uniform, after all) – especially if you’re an actress filling the shoes of Pamela Anderson as character C.J. Parker. Blonde bombshell Kelly Rohrbach is no stranger to the spotlight, having dated one of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters while undoubtedly maintaining a strong foothold on her own merits.

Once linked to Leonardo DiCaprio, the 27-year-old Georgetown University grad Rohrbach now puts her arms around another megastar, but in a totally different sense. Applying the hashtags #TheRockinAHeadlock and #IGotHim, Rohrbach is actually lovingly sending her co-star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, birthday wishes.

In anticipation of Baywatch’s release on May 25, the cast is encouraging fans to partake in the #SlowMotionChallenge, basically meaning do anything you feel like as long as it’s in slow motion, for a chance to win tickets to the film’s Miami premiere.

While Rohrbach pretty much automatically wins (she is, after all, a hot babe running on the beach), co-star Zac Efron offers his spin by jumping with The Rock lending a shoulder and statuesquely posing.

C'mon mayne- I WAS BORN in slo mo. Let’s do this @therock #SlowMoChallenge

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The Rock sets the bar high for this very serious contest, declaring he will be “personally judging” entries. No surprise there: He’s a man of action with presidential ambitions.

Meanwhile, Rohrbach is getting everyone pumped for the summer, officated by her June ‘17 Cosmopolitan cover, which captures her looking great in a Baywatch-approved swimsuit.

@kellyrohrbach represents Baywatch on the cover of @cosmopolitan!

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While it’s one thing for Rohrbach to choose to rock a one-piece in the the public eye (and for a movie role), it’s entirely another when exposure is a result of a total violation. Rumors have been circulating that Rohrbach is the latest victim of a yet another photo hack; perpetrators are said to have hacked Rohrbach’s personal photos, posting lingerie shots online and needless to say, invasively violating Rohrbach’s privacy. Let’s hope Rohrbach will seamlessly surf the scandal, and to quote The Rock’s many catchphrases, tell the hackers to “Just Bring It.”