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Doutzen Kroes Explains Weird Dutch Expressions (and Poses Naked with Lara Stone)

If you ever hear Dutch model Doetzen Kroes describe herself as an “ant fucker,” she’s not revealing an unusual sexual proclivity. She’s using a common Dutch idiom. What she means is that in the modeling industry, even the smallest details matter, so she has to be as precise as possible in her work.

Photographer Mario Testino shared a new video to his YouTube channel in which Kroes tries to clear up a few misunderstandings that occur when Dutch people translate expressions from their home country into English. What exactly does she mean if she says there’s an angel peeing on her tongue? Watch the video:

Testino shot an intimate nude portrait of Kroes, 32, and her fellow Dutch model Lara Stone, 33, for the fifth anniversary issue of Vogue Netherlands. See it here.

Even if we can’t always understand what Kroes is saying, she looks damn good saying it. Here are a few other recent photos of the elegant blonde:

What’s up?

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Last look 👀

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Yesterday chilling 🎥

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Love you Paris😍

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Like this mr director? 🤓

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