Halloween is just days away, which means if you’re like me you’re trying to cram as many horror movies into your schedule as you possibly can to get your fix before the season passes and it’s time to think about turkey. Unfortunately, we’re busy people, so sometimes we have to get our doses of horror fun in condensed form, like Reader’s Digest but way scarier.

Thankfully, the Internet has us covered, specifically the fine folks at Burger Fiction, who released the above supercut bringing together some of the most iconic haunted houses in all of horror cinema from The Changeling to 1408 and everywhere in between. Some of the houses are haunted by spirits, others by murderers, and other by demonic possession, but as the supercut progresses we see that so many of those films follow the same spooky rhythm, from the arrival at the front door to that first long, agonizing walk down a dark hallway. It’s a pattern that’s almost soothing…until the monsters come out.