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This Insane Party Package Gets You a Yacht and 400 Bottles of Champagne, All For $1 Million

This Insane Party Package Gets You a Yacht and 400 Bottles of Champagne, All For $1 Million: Photos courtesy of Drai's Nightclub

Photos courtesy of Drai's Nightclub

If you’re heading to party cities like Vegas or Miami for pool season and want to separate yourself from the masses of neon-clad college kids, the natural response is to upgrade to VIP at every club and pool party you step into. But what if you had a cool $1 million lying around at your disposal just for vacation debauchery, and you could do anything with it?

Drai’s Nightclub at the Cromwell Hotel is offering partiers the ultimate $1 million dollar party package to bring a Vegas party to a city near you. Let’s just say spraying 400 bottles of champagne on a private yacht defeats any sad attempt at a pool beer bong competition. Appropriately titled “The Moby Dick,” Drai’s is offering this luxury package starting on April 21st, and you’ll get to choose where to launch the party at between Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco.

Photos courtesy of Drai

Photos courtesy of Drai’s Nightclub

For $1 million, you and 40 of your friends (start the selection process now) will get those 400 bottles of spray champagne, and then get to sip on some of the world’s best champagne such as Armand de Brignac and Dom Perignon. And in between downing champagne, you’ll also get to celebrate with a 180-second self-detonated firework display. Because any good yacht party has champagne and private fireworks, right? Your night would amount to something Ari Gold and Jordan Brant might have.

Even if you don’t have the minimum $250K lying around your sock drawer to purchase one of their yacht packages, you can also just head to Vegas and create your own party. Because if you’re like me, Vegas also means staying up till 5 A.M getting weird at a rooftop party, preferably with a pool and a comfy cabana to crash on. This is where the second season of Drai’s famous Yacht Club comes in handy, considering the club hosts Vegas’ only rooftop night swim party, 11 stories above Las Vegas Boulevard.

Photos courtesy of Drai

Photos courtesy of Drai’s Nightclub

Drai’s Yacht Club in the 30,000 square-foot club still manages to make you feel like you’re on the ocean with two main pools, VIP bungalows sharing five elevated pools and 15 sweet mezzanine level cabanas with their own private swimming area. No you won’t have 400 bottles of spray champagne to play around with, but this will at least make up for it.

Nicole Theodore is an editorial assistant at She has an unrequited love for champagne. Follow her on Twitter.

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