Drake—legit rapper, basketball fan, new friends protester, and smile enthusiast—can likely add “liquor entrepreneur” to the mix. Drake had himself a time over the weekend with the NBA All-Star Game going down in his hometown of Toronto, and so “The Champagne Papi” decided to cap the good times off with an Instagram post announcing a (somewhat mysterious) new brand of booze called Virginia Black Whiskey.

After that legendary moment what else is there to do but celebrate with class. Virginia Black coming soon…

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Everyone’s already talking about Virginia Black and nobody knows anything beyond what you see above. Given the fact that there was a period last year when “Hotline Bling” was what felt ike the only song that played pretty much everywhere, from the most neon V.I.P. room at the swankiest nightclub to the most out-of-touch store at your local dirt mall, maybe we should just assume this will be the only whiskey we all start buying for pool parties and loungy nights.

There’s no word on when that’ll happen though. Drizzy’s got Views From The 6 coming in April, so the whiskey might make it to shelves around the same time his new album does. But this is all speculation, of course, since it’s still anyone’s guess if he’s running the show or just sponsoring it. Really though, who wouldn’t buy a drink endorsed by that grin? Honestly, if Drake endorsed a Jäger cleanse, I’d probably go for it.

When Virginia Black Whiskey does finally sweep the market, Drake has the chance to join an elite club—celebrities responsible for spirits that are actually good. I agree the club needs a catchier name, but you have to appreciate big-league-backed booze that make good on their promise, from Diddy’s Cîroc Vodka to George Clooney’s Casamigos Reposado Tequila. Sometimes, the famous folk slap their names on a drink that’s more for the money than the taste, and we literally pay the price. But you can trust Jimmy Brooks.