Mia Khalifa’s popularity has exploded the past few weeks after she overtook Lisa Ann as the hottest porn star on Pornhub. But it looks like she’s started her crossover from adult stardom to mainstream stardom. After a little prodding in an interview with WQAM 560 in Miami, Mia revealed she’s been contacted by some major celebrities. She didn’t say exactly who it was, but she did say his name rhymes with “rake.” Take a listen to the interview below.

Do you see how hesitant she is to reveal who it was? Or how quickly she thought up the perfect word to rhyme with that famous rapper who’s name may or may not be Drake? I know she’s a porn star, but you’d think she’d be a little better a acting.

She later said Drake messaged her on Instagram and even sent her a few pics. She said, “It was flattering but his intentions were clear. It was just so cringeworthy.”

Yeah, telling people a famous rapper contacted Mia and then not using the name to avoid a lawsuit if that rapper later denies the accusations. It’s pretty clear what Mia’s “intentions” are in this instance.

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