Did you feel that shiver down your spine? Let me say it again, and this time I’ll whisper…mashups.

The bottom of the barrel of music, that much maligned non-genre of cheap non-DJs, mashups are music’s last frontier of guilty pleasure. Now that pop has clawed its way out of its bubblegum grave and risen anew like a phoenix of something resembling taste, there’s nothing to be ashamed of anymore. Besides mashups. Lucky for those of us who love a good shame-listen, the Internet goddess smiled upon us this day. I give to you: “Hotline Blink”, a mashup of Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” and Blink-182’s ode to teen suicide, “Adam’s Song.”

The mashup, created by Dr. Brixx, takes the hammond organ-shuffle and sparse percussion of Drake’s Timmy Thomas sample, and that arpeggiated riff that any child of the late nineties will recognize immediately, creates a nostalgia-riddled piece of glorious musical cognitive dissonance. Drake’s dreamy, minimal beat makes Blink’s whiney, teenaged harmonies sound downright tropical, like a hot breeze blowing through a shitty Southern California motel, all gasoline, slurpees and salt air. It’s perfect, and weird, and everything a mashup should be. Let it enhance your weekend, dab along to it with the ghost of your teen self – you know you want to.