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Win the Holidays With This Ugly Sweater Immortalizing Drake Dancing in ‘Hotline Bling’

[The Yetee](

The Yetee

Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ video is amazing, for all of the wrong reasons: There’s the dorky dancing, the odd turtleneck, and more of the ridiculously dorky dancing. It was peak Drake.

Enter the must-have sartorial item of the holiday season: this Drake-inspired sweater, which will certainly be a hit at any upcoming ugly sweater holiday parties you may wish to attend. It’s a poly blend, so it’s really more of a sweatshirt, but it’s likely very soft and costs a reasonable $25.

Appropriately called “Holiday Bling,” the screenprinted item features the rapper dancing as small snowflakes swirl around him, accompanied by a ringing cell phone and mini Drizzy figures mid-dance. This gem is limited, though—available only through Nov. 6—so make sure to buy yours soon.

And now, because we care, please enjoy this gif of Drake dancing in a blizzard.

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