With politicians turning to social media to mouth off (looking at you, Donald) and Drake’s Twitter-inspired diss heard around the world, 2015 might easily be the year of the Twitter beef.

It seriously seemed like a good portion of the music industry lost their minds on Twitter all year long, and sports icons also had their fair share of face-palm moments from public meltdowns. Needless to say, it was a bit challenging to pick the most insane rant (considering I’m still amused about one of the dudes from One Direction calling Calvin Harris a dick.) So here are 10 Twitter beefs from 2015 that’ll be incredibly hard to forget, that is, until they do it all over again in 2016.

Better get some popcorn ready.

Drake vs. Meek Mill

Do you really Internet if you didn’t know about this debacle? Drake got caught up in Meek Mill responding to fans who criticized his sophomore LP Dreams Worth More Than Money, and proceeded to accuse Drizzy of using a ghost writer to pen his verse on their collab “R.I.C.O.” Arguably the biggest beef of the summer started with one simple tweet, as most Twitter fights usually do.

This escalated into a very public argument, even involving other rappers and producers. Oh and yes, of course led to several diss tracks from both sides of the ring.

Drake is the unanimous winner after Mill fails to respond to his “Back to Back” diss, and proceeds to laugh it off the Drake way. And yes, the “Back to Back” diss track just earned him a Grammy nomination.

Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly

Technically Donald Trump fought most of Twitter all year long, but his incredibly sexist feud with FOX host Megyn Kelly takes the cake for insane. Kelly was the first casualty in Trump’s hatred of FOX news after their coverage of the first Republican debate. Her debate questions pissed him off, apparently.

Yes, he referred to Kelly as a “bimbo.” Twice.

He has continued to bully Kelly off and on, even after she took the high road and refused to engage with him on Twitter. But in more recent Trump blunders, Chrissy Teigen is now up for bat.

She’s literally my hero.

Kellen Winslow vs. Antonio Cromartie

I’m not the best at sports (besides English League soccer), so I had to get some knowledgeable backup on the hilarious argument between former Jets TE Kellen Winslow and current Jets CB Antonio Cromartie. According to my colleague Joseph Misulonas:

Basically Cromartie asked Milliner about the possibility that Milliner would not make the team. And Winslow didn’t think that was appropriate

Yes Cromartie is referencing to Winslow’s 2013 arrest at Target, when a witness claimed he was masturbating in the parking lot. I know, Target. Of all places. After a few days of stewing, Winslow came back for round two.

Apparently this was alluding to when Cromartie screwed up on an episode of Hard Knocks. He famously struggled to the list the names and ages of his kids, which went viral. I mean to be fair, the guy does have like 12 of them.

Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift

The Internet nearly imploded when Nicki Minaj had a melt down on Twitter about the MTV VMAs snubbing “Anaconda” for best video of the year. While attempting to make a point about how the music industry ignores the successes of black female entertainers, Taylor Swift took the Twitter rant as a slight toward her since she was in fact nominated for this category.

All right, you guys ready?

Wait, where did Bruno Mars and Aaron Paul come from?!

Cue Katy Perry jumping in to deal some blows to Swift, considering there were rumors that the “Bad Blood” video is actually about Swift and Perry’s botched friendship.

Taylor then says sorry, and proceeds to win the award and the pop world resumes normalcy. Let’s be real though — Nicki is still rolling her eyes at this.

The Fat Jew vs. all of comedy

Back in May, Playboy contributor and comedian Rob Fee wrote about Internet personality The Fat Jew stealing jokes from other comedians and making a profit off it. The Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed and other big sites also covered the accusations, causing an uproar on Twitter from comedians as big as Michael Ian Black and Chelsea Peretti.

Refusing to acknowledge the accusations on Twitter, The Fat Jew continued business as usual with posting unaccredited memes and jokes on his Instagram. The controversy eventually led to pages of his unreleased book being published on Twitter, book signing cancelations and all of comedy being pissed off.

Deadmau5 vs. Skrillex

Another day, another Deadmau5 Twitter rumble. It’s no secret the electronic DJ loves responding to trolls on Twitter and calling out other DJs for being fakes, but his most recent battle with EDM darling Skrillex got incredibly heated. The two used to be close, until Deadmau5 admitted he wasn’t impressed with Skrillex’s recent projects (AKA Justin Beiber.) So Skrillex proceeded to call out Deadmau5 on Twitter for “bullying” and being “the worst label head ever” in a series of now-deleted Tweets.

I would never want to get on Deadmau5’s bad side. Ever. I feel like the only time he’s been significantly burned is when this happened:

Let the awkwardness wash over you.

Calvin Harris vs. Zayn Malik

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik threw some serious shade at Taylor Swift when he retweeted an account that spliced together both a quote from Swift and Miley Cyrus on their stances on profits and streaming services. The retweet insinuated that all Swift cared about was money, while Cyrus couldn’t give a shit.

But world-famous DJ (and boyfriend) Calvin Harris wasn’t into that, and went after Malik on Twitter following the retweet.

You’d think it be over after that, right? What other burn can you whip out after you tell Calvin Harris you hope his dentures don’t fall out?

Just absolutely brilliant.

Cleveland Orchestra vs. San Francisco Symphony

In orchestra news, the 2015 NBA finals sparked a hilariously unexpected Twitter fight. Apparently the Cleveland Orchestra and San Francisco Symphony love their sports teams just as much as any other basketball fan, and got into a social media brawl during the finals game with many orchestra puns. I mean, many orchestra puns.

At a loss for words? Same.

Nicole Theodore is the Girls Co-Editor at Playboy.com. Her goal in life is to get into a Twitter fight with Chrissy Teigen. Follow her on Twitter.