Of all the celebrity Twitter beefs that have taken place, the infamous Drake vs. Meek Mill battle might have been the most fruitful. Not only did it yield actual content from both artists, a ridiculous PowerPoint presentation from Drake and some memes of Meek Mill we’ll never forget, Drake just got himself a Grammy nod out of it.

His viral diss track directed at Mill “Back to Back” just got nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Rap Performance” category. If you don’t remember the infamous Twitter standoff, it all started when Mill tweeted this gem:

Next thing we knew, rappers and producers like Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco were taking sides and both Drake and Mill were sending diss tracks back and forth. Want an extremely thorough play-by-play of the beef? Here it is in all its incredible glory.

Yes, it’s the first time a diss track has ever been nominated for a Grammy. But it’s a little weird that Drake and team didn’t submit “Hotline Bling” (which actually came out before “Back to Back”) for award consideration. Some food for thought. Also, here are some straight gold Twitter reactions of the news.

I guess we have the official word on who won that feud.