Drake is one of the biggest hip-hop stars in the world, but that doesn’t mean people don’t constantly make fun of him. I, personally, don’t have an issue with Drake and I think some of his songs are good. That’s why it was so shocking to me last week when I ended up sitting next to him on a flight to Los Angeles and I caught a glimpse of his iPhone. He seemed to be having some very odd conversations, but I couldn’t tell exactly whom he was talking with. That is, until he went to the bathroom and left his phone in his seat when he went to the restroom. I quickly took screenshots on his phone and sent them over to mine. Prepare yourself because there are some shocking, totally real images ahead.

1) The first thing I saw was this conversation with his mom, which seemed a little odd to me.

2) I couldn’t believe I got to see a conversation between Drake and Weezy so you can imagine how quickly I captured this one:

3) I checked out the notes section to see if he was working on any new lyrics and sure enough it looks like he’s brainstorming a new direction for his popular opening line from the track “Forever.”

4) I thought it was interesting his calculator just said “69” on it. No calculations, just “69.”

5) But then I realized he must be really amused by typing “69” on his calculator because there were pages of screenshots of it. Why would he do that?

6) This conversation with his accountant was truly unbelievable.

7) In his photos there was an album simply titled “Me Time” which I thought would be a goldmine.

8) Turns out it was just this picture of Taz and Bugs Bunny dressed as rappers. What is Drake doing with THAT picture?

9) Here’s a conversation with his manager. He uses emojis on every single contact so it must be a pain to find someone’s name in there.

10) I checked Shazam to see what Drake had been listening to and he had just used Shazam to identify his own songs over and over. Does he not know them?

11) I have no idea what to make of this, but it pretty much sums up the whole experience:

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