Drizzy Drake is back at it. No, not at his rap game, but at creating yet another face palm moment during a sporting event. Since Drake has always been a basketball fan, especially a Kentucky Wildcats fan, the team invited him to show his support for their annual Midnight Madness event. And being Drake, he brought his A-game and starry-eyed attitude to the court.

Drake was introduced with the team and before going on the court, he whipped out his infamous lint roller. Because you gotta look fresh on the court.

And then…the air ball during warm up.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to Drake, and it’s no secret that the multimillion dollar recording artist is a little bit of a bandwagon fan, or that he is obsessed with hanging out with athletes. Drake has gone back and forth from Manchester United to Chelsea (which, is pretty much a punishable crime in England), to loving both the Niners and the Seahawks, and has coincided with the image of a giggling fanboy.

And a year previously he was rejected from a post-championship Miami Heat locker room…

Following the Miami Heat’s game 7 win against the San Antonio Spurs, Drake was just being Drake and tried to make his way into the locker room to congratulate his bros. Except security was only allowing the media into the locker room. Drake’s response? “I am the media,” he said. Well, yes, you are “media” Drake, but not the media. But he caught up with Lebron, Dwayne Wade and the rest of the Heat at a Miami club post-game anyway.

And this was the first time he used a lint roller court side

Drake was first caught in the act using a lint roller while court side at the Toronto Raptor’s game, where he proudly represents the team as its Global Ambassador. But, even the Raptors giving out special Drake lint rollers at Game 5 after the incident still didn’t make it cool. Here is a little tip to Drake though using his hit song “Started from the Bottom"—this would have been a better place to start on those black pants of yours.

You can find him always fanboyin’ it with various athletes

It’s natural to gravitate toward big name NBA stars like Lebron, Kobe and other sports royalty when you are a rapper, but, Drake takes three steps and too many hugs too close. Like for many unknown reasons, former Kentucky forward DeMarcus Cousins had his entire post game interview with Drake tucked away under his arm.

Oh and yes he has a deep friendship with Johnny football, but when TMZ calls Drake Manziel’s BFF, you know it’s bad. And in his song "Draft Day” he begins with the line, “Draft day, Johnny Manziel. Five years later how am I the man still.” What a tribute.

Sometimes he hangs with the Sea Hawks…after they become a 2013 Super Bowl contender

Basketball, and occasionally soccer, have always been the main sports for Drake, but besides his love for Johnny football, he became an instant Seahawks fan when they started to show signs of being a Super Bowl contender. So he showed up to a Seahawks practice and did his usual Drake thing.

And then suddenly, they became his favorite team.

Drake really knows how to pick ‘em.

And then there was Drake’s incredibly upset face at the 2014 NCAA Championship Kentucky vs. UConn

The Kentucky Wildcats have “always” been his favorite team, so when they lost to UConn, Drake took the loss extremely hard. And it didn’t help that this shot of him standing solemnly looking at the distance was passed around the Web for a solid day or two, with several memes attached.

But at the end of the day, it’s okay Drake. Just remember you the real MVP.

Nicole Theodore is a digital intern at Playboy. She actually knows way more about Degrassi than she lets on.