Destiny has a huge community of fans, and they complain a lot, because there are a lot of things about Destiny that could use improvements. So developer Bungie hired a new community manager straight out of the ranks of fans to help channel fan feedback into improvements in the game.

Chris “Cozmo23” Shannon created the subrredit for Destiny way back in 2012, before the game had even been officially announced, and has since helped turn it into a bastion for the community and everything related to it. Bungie announced today it had hired Shannon on to work the “front line” between the community and Bungie, helping to keep track of what’s going on with the community and acting as interpreter between players and the developer.

That should be a handy addition to the existing Destiny community team of David “DeeJ” Dague and Eric “Urk” Osborne. Dague has admitted in the past (and does again in the announcement) that there’s a lot more community than there are community managers for Destiny, and that the company hasn’t always been great about addressing player issues with the game. They’re getting better, though, as shown by the changes and improvements that are starting to pile up as Destiny nears its first anniversary.

Meanwhile, let this be a lesson to all those young forum curators out there: sometimes, dedicating thousands of hours to your fandom can result in a job. Keep the dream alive.