Photo Courtesy of Flickr / [Anne Cloudman](

Photo Courtesy of Flickr / Anne Cloudman

This one’s a game-changer. While we’ll always have our coconut water, pho and hair-of-the-dog recipes to nurse our hangovers, those remedies have the inherent problem of addressing the situation after it’s arguably too late. Thanks to some scientists in Australia, however, a new hangover hero is here—and it comes in the form of the oft-underappreciated pear.

According to the researchers, who apparently stumbled upon this finding while conducting unrelated pear research, consumption of pear juice before alcohol can “significantly reduce” hangover symptoms. The most notable impact was observed in test subjects’ ability to concentrate the next morning.

Take note: The effect of pears reducing hangover symptoms was only found when the pear juice was consumed before the alcohol. Also, the researchers only tested the effect of Korean pears, which are often sold as “Asian” pears. Lead researcher professor Manny Noakes said that for now, the new findings are limited to that variety of pear, and more research needs to be done before we know more about pears and their miracle properties.

Don’t worry, professor: We can take it from here.