Have all the #lastdayofsummer posts on Instagram got you pissed off now that you’re back at work or school and the memories of relaxing by the beach grow more distant with each meeting reminder that pops up on your calendar? Well, then this isn’t going to cheer you up any. Because as great as your summer may have been, we’re guessing it didn’t involve sitting behind the wheel of a driveable beach chair.

Holiday Autos, a car rental search company in the U.K., commissioned designer Solomon Rogers to create the world’s first driveable deck chair. The vehicle has everything you could want for a day at the beach, but removes the hassle of actually lugging all that gear from your car to the sand. In addition to the obvious beach chairs and umbrella, it also comes equipped with a stereo system, a sandbox, and a frozen slushy machine.

Unfortunately the car is not available to the public, but we have a feeling that Jimmy Buffett is having one built for him as we speak.

Watch the driveable beach chair in action:

h/t Co.Design