In the movie Risky Business, Tom Cruise watched his father’s Porsche 928 plunge into a lake, prompting the classic line from the mechanic at the auto shop: “Who’s the U-boat commander?” Unfortunately, real life imitates art all too often when drivers get behind the wheel of a little more supercar than they can handle, leading to unintended car washes. The latest example: the recent crash of a million-dollar-plus Enzo Ferrari in Newfoundland. This pro driver’s mishap reminded us of a couple other classic supercar dunkings that have been captured for posterity by the Youtube generation.

2011 Enzo Ferrari in NewfoundlandNamed after the founder of Ferrari, the Enzo Ferrari is a 12-cylinder beast capable of hitting 220 miles per hour, and only 400 were manufactured, leading these beauties regularly to go at auction at prices exceeding $1 million. The only consolation of watching this video, other than the driver escaping without a scrape, is that the car looks like it may be salvageable.

2009 Ferrari F430 in TexasThe Ferrari F430 may not be as costly as the Enzo—its MSRP ranged around $200,000—but it’s still a gorgeous Italian automobile with off-the-charts performance stats, such as a 0-60 time below four seconds. It takes a little longer to pull it out of a lake, however.

2009 Bugatti Veyron in TexasImagine seeing your dream car, all $1.6 million gloriously speeding on a parallel highway. Then imagine watching it veer off the road into a marsh. So what if the guy in this video thinks it’s a Lamborghini, he can’t feel anywhere nearly as stupid as the Bugatti driver.

1983 Porsche 928 in Lake Michigan in Risky BusinessWe’ll leave you with a look at Tom Cruise in his famous Porsche scene. Listen closely when the dock breaks, dumping the 928 into Lake Michigan. Is that Tom who screams like a little girl?