So you’re watching this video of nice, serene nature settings filmed by a drone, and you’re marveling at how cool technology is, how high quality the picture is, and then bam: two people appear, banging one out, buck-naked in the great outdoors.

That’s what “Drone-Boning” is all about. For the rest of the video, you’re squinting at the screen, trying to site the next public display of affection as soon as it comes into view.

According to Metro U.K., filmmaker Brandon LaGanke told MotherBoard magazine that the project started as “as kind of funny commentary on privacy and voyeurism, but it quickly became a conceptual grounding.”

“We wanted to explore the whole idea of drone privacy and strikes—this idea of “make porn, not war,” LaGanke said. “The plan was to take beauitul landscapes…and just put people fucking in them,” he said.

LaGanke said the intention was not to make Drone-Boning a real alternative to pornography.

“I would never shoot a real porn like this,” he said. “If you can’t masturbate to it, man, it’s not a good pornography film.”

Sounds about right.

Here’s a link to the NSFW video.