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Exit Clear

When a McLaren 650s Races a High-Speed Drone, There Are No Rules

Organizers of the World Drone Prix in Dubai next week certainly know how to get our attention. To promote their first-ever drone racing event, organizers asked local police — who apparently have a McLaren 650s just chilling at their disposal — to help facilitate a race between the supercar and a high-speed drone. And, as you would imagine, the resulting footage is spectacular.

On speed alone, this competition has a clear projected winner. The McLaren 650s has a winning top speed of 207 miles per hour, which annihilates the 98 miles per hour top speed of the fastest racing drones on the market. But the tiny drones have a competitive advantage owed to their size and maneuverability. This comes into play when both drone and supercar meet one large obstacle: the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai…

H/t Gizmodo

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